What happens on a typical day sail?

Posted: May 14, 2019 12:17 pm


Before we board everyone, the Captain or Chief Mate will give a short introduction about Niagara and what to expect for that day’s sail. As engines give more maneuverability, we will use them while getting off the dock, heading into the bay, and retrieving our small boat. Depending on the weather, we will head into the bay or through the channel to the open lake and prepare to set sail.

Once we set sail, we’ll sail following a course, do some work by turning the ship, and fire a carronade. The Captain and Mates will give context to the activity happening on the ship by giving short talks discussing sailing, history, and demonstrations. The crew will answer questions and give instructions – remember that our job is teaching sailing so don’t be shy about asking a crewmember if you can help haul on or coil a line! A Museum docent also usually sails onboard to answer questions and to show day sail students below deck. We will take in and furl sail on our way back to the dock.

This is a general plan for a day sail, however, please know that sailing plans are subject to change. Exact sailing route and sail plan is at the Captain’s discretion and dependent on wind and weather conditions. We may occasionally conduct a safety drill (fire, abandon ship, or man overboard) and if we do, please follow the instructions of the crew.