Can you tell me the likelihood of my sail being cancelled?

Posted: February 20, 2019 7:03 pm


You may have read our criteria for cancellation above under the “What is your refund or exchange policy?” question and are wondering about the likelihood of your specific sail being cancelled. We keep a close eye on the forecast in the days leading up to a sail. We take every opportunity to sail and rain does not keep us from sailing. If, however, weather resources are indicating that it will be unsafe to sail, based on the probability of high winds or severe thunderstorms, we will make a definitive cancellation at the latest by 10am the morning of the sail and will inform you of this by calling you at the number listed on your booking form (keep in mind that if we have a full sail it will take a few moments to dial everyone’s number). The weather patterns on the Great Lakes can change significantly from one hour to the next. If it looks like some weather will move over us but not completely prevent us from sailing for the afternoon, we may take care of the Captain’s introduction inside the Museum, conduct a below decks tour and/or a tour of the Museum, or do a reefing demonstration (how the crew ties up a portion of a sail to reduce how much canvas is exposed to the wind), while we wait for the weather to pass over, and then get off the dock and go sailing!