Niagara Sailing Schedule

2014 Sailing Schedule

In overview, Niagara’s year consists of four unequal seasons, varying in length from year to year. In the
summer, Niagara sails throughout the Great Lakes, as well as spending time in and around Erie. In the
fall, the majority of Niagara’s rig is removed, using methods and technology largely unchanged in the
last two centuries, and the ship is covered with a canvas superstructure to protect against the harsh
Lake Erie winter. In the spring, the ship is reassembled, or up-rigged, again, using traditional technology.
While planning for the 2014 sailing season is still ongoing, we anticipate a varied schedule, including
between six and eight port stops in Lakes Erie, Huron and Michigan, as well as a number of day sails and
events in Erie.

A full schedule will be posted as soon as it is available. Provisionally, we expect to be signing up individual trainees for July, August, and September.If you are interested in sailing with us, please contact the Marine Operations Coordinator at (814) 452-2744 ext. 214 or, or send in an application.

Trainees can join or leave in almost any scheduled port stop. The only exception is that, in order to
comply with Canadian passenger trade regulations, we cannot take on or discharge trainees in Canadian
ports – we must arrive and leave with the same people.