The Daniel Dobbins Leadership Giving Society

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Enriching Erie’s Maritime History

The Daniel Dobbins Leadership Giving Society is a group of individuals that the Flagship Niagara League recognizes for their support and generosity which goes above and beyond in helping educate and raise funds to support Erie’s deep maritime history and to ensure¬†Niagara¬†continues to sail into the future.

A Tradition of Philanthropy 

By becoming a member of Dobbins Society, you are offered exclusive access to Dobbins member only events, including after hours parties, private museum tours, day sail(s) on Niagara, a signature special gift and much more! Join this distinguished group today and help support Erie’s Maritime History and help us ensure Niagara sails for years to come.


For more information or to donate today contact Development Manager Jennifer Snopko at or 814.452.2744 x. 223.

Membership Benefits & Levels

  • Mariner's Ball
  • Daniel Dobbins Group
  • Day Sail