Posted: November 22, 2017 3:43 pm


Before we break for the holiday weekend, a quick survey on what the winter maintenance crew is thankful for:

Chad: “Working here.”
Amy: “Power tools, and hand tools, and–”
Alethea: “The slide hammer. Our welder. Everything we use for pulling fasteners.”
Brent: “Pat Federici. All of our volunteers.”
Adam: “The fact that I escaped the office today and got to work outside.”
Captain Sabatini: “Good carpenters.”
Chief Mate: “Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and Back to the Future.”

(Disclaimer: This survey was conducted by wandering around the building for a few minutes and harassing everyone with questions, so it’s not all-inclusive. Also, Goldie wasn’t even here today, so we just made up his answer. But you have to admit it sounds pretty accurate.)

Happy Thanksgiving, all.