Posted: April 13, 2017 6:03 pm


Uprig is in full swing. The foremast and bowsprit are back on the ship, as are both topmasts, the sprityard and martingale, and the jibboom. The seasonal crew is all here, the paint floats are in the water, and every workday is a ten-hour day, at least.

Crane Day! The bowsprit, suspended in midair. . .

. . . and the foremast, too.

As always, we put a coin under the foremast when we stepped it–two coins, in fact. One was a suitable “coin of the realm,” to satisfy tradition, and the other was a Put-in Bay shower token, just in case. (We go to Put-in Bay, a lot, after all. You never know when it might come in handy.)

In the midst of all the seizing, tensioning, and hauling, Team Carpentry is replacing some bulwark planks starboard forward and rebuilding the transom of Cutter 8, our current push-boat (the boat we use to help us maneuver when we’re getting on and off the dock).

New bulwark planking

If you want to help build a brig, come down to the museum and join in the fun! There’s plenty to do, and our shakedown sail is only a couple weeks away.