The Gang’s All Here

Posted: March 2, 2017 4:40 pm


Niagara‘s  carpentry A-team is officially here! The usual suspects (Adam, Alethea, Amy) and the visiting shipwrights (Andrew, Andros, Aaron) spent the week so far working on the starboard waterway timber, the fore fighting top crosstrees, and the foremast itself. The ship, the woodshop, and spar alley are all humming with activity, and we’ve already started stealing one another’s tools. But if our biggest problem is that we don’t have enough tape measures and sledgehammers to go around, we’re doing pretty well.

Pulling fasteners near the waterway timber (well, the place where the waterway timber used to be. . .) with our fancy new slide hammer.

Also: we finished our plaza fort just in the nick of time! Hours after we covered it with plastic sheeting, it started gusting and pouring rain, and last night, the snow came back. But the parts of the bowsprit and foremast that need work stayed dry and (mostly) cozy.

Team Carpentry would also like to give a very grateful shout-out to volunteer Joe Zimmerman (aka Skip) and his team, who made us our new customized slide hammer for getting out stubborn fasteners. It’s been a lifesaver. Our only complaint is that we didn’t have it six months ago.