Putting It Together, Taking It Apart

Posted: February 21, 2017 4:10 pm


We’re still cleaning up from Wintertime at the Maritime, but it doesn’t feel very wintery out—the temperature rocketed into the sixties today. We took advantage of the warm weather to do some work on the bowsprit, which has been waiting patiently on the plaza since we downrigged it, and to (finally!) finish installing those edge plank pieces on the foredeck. We  even took some pictures to commemorate the occasion.

While the epoxy dries, Team Carpentry will be working back aft, demolishing a piece of the starboard waterway timber. (For reference, you can see part of the forward waterway timbers in the pictures above; they’re the red pieces running along the edge of the deck on both port and starboard). Apparently, there’s only so much repair work we can manage before we start feeling the irrepressible urge  to break out the prybars and jigsaws for some good old-fashioned demo.