Boston Bound

Posted: February 7, 2017 4:19 pm


Things are quiet in the office and down in the rig shop today. The office staff, the captain, and two of our mates are headed to Boston for the 44th annual Tall Ships Conference.  They’ll be gone all week, so Adam and Bosun are taking charge in the meantime. (Chief Mate told us before he left that we had to keep the museum clean, that we could only have friends over on Saturdays, and that we most definitely could not take the brig out for a spin.)

We haven’t gotten ourselves into too much trouble in their absence–yet. We hung both royals and the fore topgallant on the model in the museum: we’re using it like a giant clothesline to air out the sails, since the rig shop is too crowded right now to make space for them. Team Carpentry is also shaping the last few pieces of planking for the foredeck—soon, we’ll be ready to start installation!