Forklift Adventures

Posted: February 4, 2017 4:06 pm


This week, we’ve been busy with spar repairs (we’re spending a lot of quality time with epoxy and sanding blocks) and sorting lumber. Four thousand pounds of Douglas Fir arrived at our doorstep on Monday, and finding a place to put it was, as always, an adventure. Adam, the forklift wizard in this picture, wants to thank our supplier Edensaw Woods, and he promises to put all of our gorgeous new stock to good use.

Meanwhile, the rig shop crew is busy working through pallets, which means lots of fine grit sandpaper, tar, net dip, and patch service. If those words don’t mean anything to you, come down on Saturdays to volunteer for an hour or two, and you’ll get a crash course on what it takes to maintain Niagara‘s rig!

Note: The next sail training class is January 18th; Captain Rybka will talk about the history of the modern Niagara, and you’ll also learn a few new knots. As always, email if you’re interested in the sail training program.