Sail Training

Posted: January 14, 2017 4:45 pm


Today was the second day of winter sail training, and morning muster was so crowded with volunteers that we abandoned our usual muster spot and moved into the wood shop. It’s the most help we’ve had all winter, and we took advantage of it—projects that would take days for the winter maintenance crew to finish on their own can be wrapped up in a few hours during our Saturday work parties.

After muster, Chief Mate taught a class on ropes, cordage, and rigging for the new volunteers; meanwhile, the bosun ran maintenance in the rig shop and spar alley, and Team Carpentry finished milling deck planks and started work on the replacement for the starboard fore channel.

Note: The next winter sail training class is two weeks from today, on Saturday, January 28. (But feel free to stop by before then! There’s always work to do, and you can get a lecture from Chief Mate any day of the week.)