Battle of Lake Erie

Meet the heroes and the ships that fought the Battle of Lake Erie, then experience the power of artillery in naval warfare when you meet the Lawrence, Perry’s original Flagship.

The exhibit includes artifacts, as well as schematic drawings of the vessels engaged in the battle. A split-screen closed-caption video tells the story of this important US Naval victory.

The adjoining section of the replica of U.S. Brig Lawrence illustrates the devastating results of artillery and shot used in the Battle. Using two of Niagara’s carronades, this unprecedented exhibit was created by firing fifty-three rounds of shot at the hull from 2,000 yards, a distance that approximates the British Squadron’s actual relative position on September 10, 1813. Twenty-four and twelve pound shot was used, as well as grape and canister shot.

The figures on deck reflect the depleted crew of the Lawrence, still standing to their guns as Oliver Hazard Perry transferred the flag to Niagara. Lively narrated demonstrations of Naval gun drill are offered at special times throughout the year by Ship’s Company, the Erie Maritime Museum’s Living History group.