The Erie Maritime Museum tells the story of Erie’s role in Great Lakes history, focusing on the dramatic events of the Battle of Lake Erie on September 10, 1813.  Historical artifacts, interactive exhibits, and dramatic videos bring the battle and the age of fighting sail to life.  Other exhibits tell the stories of the USS Michigan/Wolverine (the Navy’s first iron-hulled ship), Erie’s three lighthouses, fishing, and other maritime industries.

What do the Great Lakes and a camel’s stomach have in common?

Find out at Plastic Waters, an exhibit that shows the harmful effects of plastic pollution on our lakes and oceans and some inspiring solutions that can sustain our waters.

Plastic Waters is in partnership with 5 Gyres Institute and the Alliance for the Great Lakes.

Permanent Exhibits:

Fighting Sails!Fighting Sail!




Ship ModelsShip Models




Roy Ahlgren painting of Steamship Niagara high resMaritime Art 




Eight Erie men have gone on to hold flag officer’s rank in the US Navy! Discover Erie’s historically strong ties to the US Navy through the careers of Erie’s AdmiralsAdmirals