A membership to the Flagship Niagara League helps to ensure that one of America's great maritime treasures is preserved for years to come. While we provide several benefits to our members, the single greatest benefit is the satisfaction of knowing that the U.S. Brig Niagara stands tall and sails because of people like you.

Sail Training Program

Sail Explore

Sail. Explore. Experience. Sign on for Adventure Today! While underway, Niagara operates as a Sailing School Vessel (SSV), which means we accept paying trainees, who are, both legally and practically, considered part of the crew. Trainees eat, sleep and work with the crew while living on-board the ship.

Donate Today

Every donation is important. Your contribution to the Flagship Niagara League not only helps keep the Niagara sailing but assists in many ways to keep the museum and ship as a Northwest Pennsylvania premier attraction.